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Bermuda Triangle Mystery
A mind blowing, and captivating mystery.  A triangle is made by laying 3 lines of coins on the ..
Blocks Off - Mini (Plastic)
The miniature, inexpensive version...  The blocks are placed in the box, and "speared" through ..
Candy Pan
Great utility prop!  Vanish, produce, or change!  Works like a dove pan, except its ALSO R..
Chrome Penny
This is a real penny... in chrome!  Change a regular penny to a chrome penny, or use this for a..
Coin Slide
The classic pocket trick!  Slide the drawer in and the coin vanishes!  Repeat and it retur..
Color Cube
A unique prop to use "in place of" a hot rod or other "paddle".  A spectator places his finger ..
Double Tail Half Dollar
You'll always win the coin toss with this double tail half dollar.  Or use as a utility prop fo..
Drop Change Cube - Rubiks Cube Instant Solution
Hold up a mixed up Rubiks cube.  Drop it onto a flat square and it INSTANTLY magically sol..
Flash Cotton
Flash Cotton ..
Hot Rod - Varillian
If you perform the hot rod, why use a "toy" when you can use this professional version?! ..
Houdini Coin
A beautiful collectible with a suggested routine.  Show the Houdini coin, and explain he was th..
Incredible Mirror Box Deluxe (Drop Down Mirror)
The most beautiful box we've ever offered!  This is a LARGE, red lacquered, production box with..
Lighted Fingertips/Thumbtips RED- Set of TWO   (D'Lite alternative)
Some of the nicest, highest quality, fingertip/thumbtips you will find, and the lights are BRIGHT re..
Melting Half Dollar
This is one of THE BEST close-up tricks we've ever encountered!  A half dollar is sealed inside..
Mini Nickels (Pack of 4)
Mini Nickels for fun or to use in the "Nickels to Dimes" trick as a "Nickel Shrinker" ..
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