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"Applause Please" Card
Adair's Spade Card Monte
A funny twist on the three card monte ..
Alphabet Deck of Cards
Several spectators each select a card from an alphabet deck (simply each card has a different let..
And the Winner is... (Rope Trick)
Three pieces of rope have been tied together with a single knot in the center.  Only one rope i..
Aqua Vase MINI
Water is poured from a beautiful aluminum vase until it's completely upside down and empty.  Wh..
Aqua Vase- Standard Size
Turn vase over, completely upside down, emptying the the water... when you turn it over a second tim..
Atomic Light Bulb
Blocks Off!
6 different colored wooden blocks are placed side by side into a rectangular box completely filling ..
Bongo Hat
Classic sight gag and a lot of fun!  The hat keeps getting bigger! ..
Breakaway Fan
You show a beautiful fan and then hand it to a volunteer to open wide.  When they do, it bre..
Breakaway Wand
You hand a volunteer a magic wand and it breaks in their hand! ..
Card Stand (image currently not available)
Card stand made of clear 1/4" acrylic.  Great for holding any type of display sign or large pla..
Case of Mistaken Identity- Mini Wallet
This is simply a miniature wallet that you can use some sleight of hand with to accomplish fun ..
Change Bag Christmas Stocking
A classic Ickle Pickle Change Bag with a real Christmas stocking as the bag!  Can be used for p..
Change Bag- Itty Bitty Size BLUE
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