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$100 Silk- Large
Aqua Vase MINI
Water is poured from a beautiful aluminum vase until it's completely upside down and empty.  Wh..
Aqua Vase- Standard Size
Turn vase over, completely upside down, emptying the the water... when you turn it over a second tim..
Caterpillar to Butterfly Silk Set- Standard 9"
A colorful silk handkerchief is shown with a picture of a caterpillar on it.  It is dropped ins..
Change Bag Christmas Stocking
A classic Ickle Pickle Change Bag with a real Christmas stocking as the bag!  Can be used for p..
Cross Reference
A stack of cards with Jesus on the Cross are shown.  A spectator signs and dates one of the ..
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Directional Arrow - Stage Size
A large directional arrow is shown printed on a big square.  As the card is spun between the ma..
Do You Believe?
You hand five jumbo playing cards to a spectator and keep five for yourself.  You both place..
Eternal Rings Rope Trick (SOFT rope)
Beautiful effect of several multi color rope rings linking together and finally becoming one big rop..
Fork in the Road
A small bag is filled with burdens (stones).  The bag is tied to a string.  On the othe..
Gag Bag, Gospel
A wonderful item that's fun and entertaining to see and a great way to present the Gospel!  A b..
Gag Bag, Noah's Ark
A brown bag (representing dirt/earth) is turned inside out to show Noah's ark floating on the floode..
Gag Bag, Zippered, Christmas
The classic Gag Bag is coninually turned inside out, ever changing the "print" of the fabric.  ..
Heaven Paper Tear
A piece of paper is folded and torn (or cut) several times.  When you unfold the pieces and ..
I John 1:9 Gospel Trick
Several cards are inserted into a "church", the guilt card comes out clean! ..
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