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"Applause Please" Card
Acrylic Magic Wand- Black w Silver Tips
Every magician needs a magic wand!  These are well made in assorted colors of acrylic.  Gr..
Adair's Spade Card Monte
A funny twist on the three card monte ..
And the Winner is... (Rope Trick)
Three pieces of rope have been tied together with a single knot in the center.  Only one rope i..
Animal Balloon Wand Penetration
A clear cylinder is shown with three holes through the sides.  An animal balloon is inflated..
Appearing Wand
A tiny silver cylinder is tossed in the air where it instantly becomes a full size magic wand! ..
Atomic Light Bulb
Baffling Beads
Three safety pins each holding a different color of beads.  The volunteer secretly selects a co..
Blocks Off!
6 different colored wooden blocks are placed side by side into a rectangular box completely filling ..
Blooming Bouquet
You pluck the yellow flowers off a beautiful bouquet and with the wave of your hand it reblooms w..
Breakaway Fan
You show a beautiful fan and then hand it to a volunteer to open wide.  When they do, it bre..
Breakaway Wand
You hand a volunteer a magic wand and it breaks in their hand! ..
Bumper Sticker- "I'm Obsessed with Clowning"
Cake Pan
The classic effect of taking an empty pan, dropping in some ingredients, lighting them on fire, c..
Caterpillar to Butterfly Silk Set- Standard 9"
A colorful silk handkerchief is shown with a picture of a caterpillar on it.  It is dropped ins..
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