Mental Magic

Great tricks for predictions, telepathy, precognition, esp, etc.

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A Day at the Zoo
A series of cards are displayed with pictures and names of animals.  An animal is secretly sele..
Alphabet Deck of Cards
Several spectators each select a card from an alphabet deck (simply each card has a different let..
And the Winner is... (Rope Trick)
Three pieces of rope have been tied together with a single knot in the center.  Only one rope i..
A spectator freely chooses one of 8 animal printed playing cards.  The cards are shuffled and t..
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Atomic Light Bulb
Baffling Beads
Three safety pins each holding a different color of beads.  The volunteer secretly selects a co..
Bermuda Triangle Mystery
A mind blowing, and captivating mystery.  A triangle is made by laying 3 lines of coins on the ..
The magician holds a large envelope with a prediction sealed inside.  With his other hand he be..
Blocks Off!
6 different colored wooden blocks are placed side by side into a rectangular box completely filling ..
Boston Man's Ashtray
A volunteer selects a card. You tell the volunteer to look into their own cup of coffee, and te..
Color Die
A unique prop to use "in place of" a hot rod or other "paddle".  A spectator places his finger ..
Comedy Split Deck (Bicycle)
A deck of cards is pulled from it's box and it has been cut into two perfect halves diagonally. &..
Crystal Thought Condenser
A chosen card or number mysteriously appears inside of a transparent crystal. ..
Destination Unknown
A clever trick that has fooled many magicians as well as non magicians!  10 laminated cards are..
Dilemma of the Smashed Egg (Frightening Spike)
Three small square "bases" are placed on the table. An egg is placed onone base. All three bases are..
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