A variety of great silk magic!

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Acrobatic Silks
A classic of magic.  Three silks hang from a black bar.  Two red next to each other and..
Cake Pan
The classic effect of taking an empty pan, dropping in some ingredients, lighting them on fire, cove..
Caterpillar to Butterfly Silk Set- Standard 9"
A colorful silk handkerchief is shown with a picture of a caterpillar on it.  It is dropped ins..
Change Bag (Itty Bitty Size) RED
The smallest of our family of change bags, the Itty Bitty Pickleover bag is shown empty, then mag..
Change Bag- Mumbo Jumbo BLUE
The largest of all our change bags!  It's the size of a tennis racket! ..
Change Bag- Mumbo Jumbo Zippered BLUE
The largest of all our change bags!  It's the size of a tennis racket! ..
Change Bag- One Handed Zippered Pickleover Bag
The classic change bag!  And why not get one of the best on the market!  It can be used fo..
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Chick Pan (Clipless)
The classic "dove" pan trick in baby chick size!  Produce whatever you can fit inside... maybe ..
Color Changing Silk (Dye Tube)
A red silk is poked into the top of your fist.  As you pull it slowly out of the bottom, it ..
Crystal Cube 3"
A clear box is instantly magically filled with silks, etc.! ..
Crystal Cube 4" SILENT
A new breakthrough for this classic... now the operation is silent!  Check it out! ..
Crystal Cube 6" Spring Loaded
A large transparent cube is shown empty as you can see all the way through it.  Instantly, l..
Crystal Silk Cylinder
A set of three acrylic tubes... a clear one mounted in a beautiful spun aluminum base and two larger..
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Crystal Silk Cylinder- Mini
The small version of the classic effect.  Three tubes are shown empty, then assembled together ..
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Cylinder of Plenty
A beautiful aluminum cylinder and cover are shown.  You place pour some colored liquids insi..
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