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Aqua Vase MINI
Water is poured from a beautiful aluminum vase until it's completely upside down and empty.  Wh..
Confetti Bucket Mini
A bucket is filled with water.  When the water is tossed toward the audience it has magically t..
Crystal Silk Cylinder
A set of three acrylic tubes... a clear one mounted in a beautiful spun aluminum base and two lar..
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Crystal Silk Cylinder- Mini
The small version of the classic effect.  Three tubes are shown empty, then assembled together ..
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Cylinder of Plenty
A beautiful aluminum cylinder and cover are shown.  You place pour some colored liquids insi..
Cylinder of Plenty - Itty Bitty
An aluminum tube that can produce, vanish, or change small objects. ..
Giz Gaz Balloon
An animal balloon is inflated through a clear cylinder and sharp hat pins are pushed right through w..
Houdini Water Trick
A small block of Harry Houdini is placed in the bottom of a water filled clear tube and a lid pla..
Instant Change Tubes
A small version of the classic Crystal Silk Cylinder ..
Jumping Signed Bill
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Little Pea Can
A cute comedy magic trick where a spectator is shown a navy bean, a piece of popcorn, and a dried pe..
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Mini Miracle Balls #2
Small version of the stratosphere effect.  A clear tube is covered by an opaque tube.  ..
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Nails Thru Balloon
A small empty aluminum cylinder is shown empty LOOKING RIGHT THROUGH the ends.  An "animal b..
Self Filling Coke Bottle REAL GLASS BOTTLE
An empty, capped, glass Coke bottle is set inside of an opaque tube with the top of the bottle al..
Silk Blendo
4 small different colored silks are pushed into your fist and emerge as one beautiful multicolor sil..
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