Sponge Magic

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Doughnut (Sponge for Doughnut Pan)
This is a sponge doughnut that looks REAL!  This is what our Doughnut Pan was made to fit! &..
Growing Ball
Rabbit from Hat Silk Set (w Yellow Sponge Rabbit for routine)
A beautiful silk scarf is shown with a magician's top hat screened on it.  It is dropped int..
Sponge Ball to Rabbit
A red sponge ball is pushed into your hand.  When you open your hand the sponge ball is gone an..
Sponge Balls (red, super soft) 1 1/2 in
Sponge balls for sleight of hand, etc. ..
Sponge Balls (red,super soft) 2in
Sponge balls for sleight of hand, etc. ..
Sponge Rabbits 3D
The beautiful 3D version of the classic sponge rabbits!  These look great! ..
Super Soft Ball to Square
The Sponge Book
Ultra Mini Magnetic Pan
A small aluminum pan is shown empty, then covered.  When the cover is removed the interior is f..
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