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And the Winner is... (Rope Trick)
Three pieces of rope have been tied together with a single knot in the center.  Only one rope i..
Bermuda Triangle Mystery
A mind blowing, and captivating mystery.  A triangle is made by laying 3 lines of coins on the ..
Case of Mistaken Identity- Mini Wallet
This is simply a miniature wallet that you can use some sleight of hand with to accomplish fun ..
Chrome Penny
This is a real penny... in chrome!  Change a regular penny to a chrome penny, or use this for a..
Coin Slide
The classic pocket trick!  Slide the drawer in and the coin vanishes!  Repeat and it retur..
Coin Tray
A classic!  Lay a couple of coins on the tray and then dump them off into your hand or on the t..
Dime and Penny and Then Some!
A penny is placed on top of a dime. A volunteer pushes down on the penny and removes it. The di..
Dime Out
A cord is threaded through a hole in a dime and a penny.  You place your hands around the coins..
Double Tail Half Dollar
You'll always win the coin toss with this double tail half dollar.  Or use as a utility prop fo..
Exploding Wallet
A great gag!  Leave this wallet laying around with a bill hanging out.  When someone opens..
Fire Wallet
Your billfold bursts into flames!  You close to extinguish, and re-open to find everything inta..
Hot Rod- Mini Coin Version
You show a small wooden rod with 6 minature coins, Silver Dollar down through Penny on each side. &n..
Houdini Coin
A beautiful collectible with a suggested routine.  Show the Houdini coin, and explain he was th..
Ickle Pickle Nickel
One of our most famous trick!  A nickel is placed on the back of someone's hand and covered wit..
Jumping Signed Bill
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