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Baffling Beads
Three safety pins each holding a different color of beads.  The volunteer secretly selects a co..
Doughnut (Sponge for Doughnut Pan)
This is a sponge doughnut that looks REAL!  This is what our Doughnut Pan was made to fit! &..
Flattened Die
A game die is held in the palm of your hand.  You clap your hands together smashing it FLAT. &n..
Future Foretold Card Trick
As performed by DOUG HENNING on "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson!  This is not a secret to..
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Oreo Cookie Biting Trick
Take a big bite out of an Oreo cookie... and magically restore the cookie to whole again! ..
Must see to believe!  A freely chosen card is instantly named by the magician! ..
Unbelievable Bicycle Deck
INSANITY!  If you're looking at the price wondering... "$30 for a card trick?!", watch the demo..
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